Insurance Agents: Deliver More Policies with a Faster Website

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Speed is an important key to success for websites, especially when it comes to running a website as an insurance agent or company. Unfortunately, far too many insurance websites out there are bogged down by a number of factors that contribute to longer than desired load times.

This can seriously impact a website’s bounce rate, which is the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing just one page. If you’re an insurance agent that needs to use a website to pull in new clientele, site speed should be a major focus.

In this quick guide, we’ll break down why site speed is so important for insurance agents and how to use Padeo to decrease the time potential clients spend waiting for your site to load. Check out our handy guide below!

Why is a Fast Website so Important for Insurance Agents?

For the modern insurance agent or insurance firm, a company or independent website is one of the first points of interest that potential clients will take to learn more about your services. Insurance websites could generate a significant number of sales by presenting value to your prospects — specifically, insurance websites are designed to inform, engage, and eventually convert your leads. In fact, many insurance companies gain a significant number of their new clients directly from their websites.

Unfortunately, when a website is particularly slow, many users will simply leave rather than wait for it to load. This is part of bounce rate, and having a high bounce rate could be disastrous if you use your website to pull in new clientele. In general, a good bounce rate is under 40%, but this varies depending on the industry. Bounce rates above 90% are often the result of poor development or coding related to extremely slow site speeds.

You want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible, and a faster website is one of the best ways to achieve a low bounce rate.

How Padeo Helps Insurance Companies Improve Their Websites

Padeo makes it possible to generate more leads by improving the speed of insurance company websites. This is done by performing a variety of preloading processes while your users are busy viewing or reading your homepage or whatever landing page they came from. By preloading a variety of different resources of your website, your users don’t have to wait to view other pages on your website. This can significantly improve your conversion rate and result in fewer frustrated visitors. Say goodbye to high bounce rates!

Let’s explore in a bit more depth how Padeo works.

How Padeo Works

Padeo tackles a handful of different factors that could impact website speed.

To start, Padeo cuts down on website loading times by preloading webpages, JavaScript resources, fonts, videos, and images that your users are most likely to visit once they enter your site. This results in almost immediate page loads, even for using who are using less than reliable network speeds.

Just as well, Padeo will also utilize DNS prefetching to improve your site speed. When browsers request resources from a secondary server, that server’s domain must match an IP address before the request can be issued. If the latency or time is high for this process, particularly on mobile networks that are less than reliable, your web pages may take a long time to load. Padeo will make your website’s content load faster by performing DNS resolution processes while your users are busy consuming content from other areas of your website.

You can easily use Padeo even if you have no experience with coding. All you need to do is sign up, then follow step-by-step instructions to add the plugin to your website (which involves little more than copying-and-pasting a bit of code), and the rest is taken care of!

Padeo Pricing for Insurance Websites

Padeo offers a variety of pricing plans to suit any insurance agent in need of a faster website. Our basic plan is completely free and offers image and CSS preloading, DNS prefetching, and easy-to-use website analytics in a limited capacity, so you try predictive preloading on your site.

For most sites the standard plan at $19 per month is plenty, allowing up to 100,000 page views. It has all the benefits of the basic plan plus priority support. For agencies with many web clients, Padeo offers discounted agency pricing. Finally, if you happen to need API access for larger use cases, such as an entire insurance company, our enterprise plan is only $99 per month.

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