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How User Attention Span Affects Your Bottom Line

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Have you thought about the users who are visiting your website? How they interact with it, what they do while they are there? And have you tried to navigate your way around your own website… it can be an interesting exercise!

While you might already understand how important page loading time is to the success of your website retaining visitors, have you considered how user attention span also impacts your sales and conversions? When you look at these two factors together, we might see why our conversions aren’t quite where we want them to be.

You’ve likely heard some marketing statistics that make claims like “The average human now has an attention span of eight seconds” or “Our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish now!”. While these claims are not necessarily true, it is true that human attention spans are changing. The human attention span is becoming more intense and more efficient — We’re better at finding and extracting the information we want quickly¹. This also means our attention span is more demanding and much less willing to wait for information to be available (like when we’re waiting for a website page to load). 

So how does that impact your website and conversion rates?

Fast Load Times + User Attention Span = Conversions

Now that we understand how important these two metrics are to our conversion rates, let’s look at what this looks like in practice.

If a user comes to your website and they view one of your product pages, what do you think would happen if your images took longer than a few seconds to load?

Do you think your user would wait? 

If you said no, you’re probably right. Many wouldn’t wait. In fact, most people won’t follow through with a purchase if the page or images on the page take longer than a few seconds to load.

Couple that with a more intense, demanding attention span and you start to see how your bottom line might suffer when your website content loads slowly. 

Here’s another statistic that should give you pause… more than two-thirds of people abandon their shopping carts due to slow page-loading speeds², more than any other reason. This is why important to optimize your website for our users’ more demanding attention spans by ensuring that your web pages load lightning fast.

Think about it like this. How many times have you visited a website (especially on your phone) with the intent to buy something or do a bit of research…only to find that there’s a glitch or some loading holdup. The page you’re trying to access doesn’t load as quickly as you want or expect.

Instead of waiting, you might open another tab and start researching another option, or decide you’ll just “come back later”.

Your attention span and the page loading time both impacted your decision to move on,  potentially to another competitor.

Imagine what that looks like on your own website and for your potential customers…

Padeo’s Preloading Service

Here’s the thing. You can have beautiful product pages with crisp, high-resolution photos, but if your potential customer has to wait longer than a few seconds for them to load… you’ve lost them. 

They’ve moved on.

What if you had access to a service that removed this issue for you

A preloading service like Padeo predicts the next page a user will visit and preloads that page’s resources (including images, scripts, stylesheets, and more) in the background as they browse, so when they click to the next page it loads almost instantly because the bulk of the loading work already happened.

At Padeo, we improve your page load times so the content that your customer is looking for is always ready to go. Plenty of time for the savvy shopper to get the content they need, exactly when they want it.

Make more sales and capture more conversions with a faster website. Padeo has a free plan where you can try the software for your first 500 website visits. There’s absolutely no charge unless you decide to upgrade yourself. It’s easy and free.

For more details, visit the Padeo website here.


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