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Earn Extra Money Selling Graphic Templates Online

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Passive income can absolutely be a reality for freelance graphic designers. If you have any experience with designing content via Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, the opportunities are abundant.

One excellent way to make passive income with your design skills is by making and selling graphic templates online via Coded Market and other online marketplaces.

So how exactly does this work? Are people really interested in paying for graphic templates? Let’s explore everything you need to know about earning passive income from templates and the benefits of doing so.

The Benefits of Earning Passive Income Selling Illustrator and InDesign Templates

To start, you’re making revenue from your unique designs — what better benefit could there be? Learning how to code and design via Adobe Illustrator and InDesign isn’t an easy thing. It takes time, practice, and usually some money. Why not make some passive income with those skills, especially if you’ve been itching to use them for something other than commissioned projects?

You’re also doing businesses, writers, and other developers a favor by selling your designs online. Despite what one may think, there’s actually a pretty hefty market for graphic templates. This is because the term “graphic templates” is extremely broad. You could make templates for resumes, cover letters, flyers, newspapers, posters, and so much more. There are a handful of use cases for each of those. Businesses want graphic templates for ad campaigns. Individuals need templates for their resumes and cover letters. Entrepreneurs in publishing may want a newspaper template for their projects. Other developers may want a template to experiment with. The possibilities are endless and there’s definitely someone out there who will want to buy your work if it’s good.

Just as well, you can grow your professional networking by selling templates online. If you sell through a platform like Coded Market, you have the ability to broaden your network and your influence in the design industry. You can build relationships with your buyers and even make professional connections for gigs or jobs. Whether this is your all-encompassing passion or just a full side-gig, you can really do a lot for your career by selling templates online. And the more you sell with excellent reviews, the better your reputation will be.

This goes without saying, but making templates is just plain fun. Graphic designers love playing around with new designs, and the total control over what you’re creating leads to a great time. The process of selling graphic templates is also really easy, so it’s a relatively stress-free way to earn passive income. Not to mention, you’re also helping out the graphic design industry by improving it with your designs. Every time a designer submits a template to Coded Market, that massive library gains a new expert voice. By working together to put out high-quality work, designers are making the digital landscape a better place for designers and buyers alike.

Getting Started

If you want to sell graphic templates online but don’t know where to start, we’re happy to help. The process really isn’t that difficult at all, and the benefits absolutely make it worth the work.

To begin with, you don’t have to bulk design your templates. You can simply start out with one or two templates to see how well they sell. Start with whatever medium you’re the best at and go from there. To gain more passive income, you’ll need to have quite a few templates out there that solve different needs for different users. But for now, work on just a few templates that are easy for you to make.

When designing your template, be sure to share as much of the final design via photos and video on your listing as possible. Possible buyers want to know exactly what your template looks like and what it can do. Show off the various layers and editing options available for your template. In the description for your listing, don’t be afraid to list each and every possible feature, as well as information for receiving technical support and links to additional downloads if needed. You’ll also want to include detailed dummy-proof instructions for downloading, installing, and editing the template once a buyer purchases it.

You can also have total control over the pricing of your templates. It’s incredibly important not to sell yourself short here — templates are very time-consuming to make and have a lot of value. Depending on the type of design you’ve created, you could easily price your project at anywhere from $20 to $100 a pop.

Selling on Coded Market

If you want to sell graphic templates online, Coded Market is an excellent spot to upload your templates for sale. It’s important to pick a platform and master that platform and Coded Market is a great choice for selling any kind of digital work due to their high commission rates (90%!) and the fact that they don’t require exclusivity from sellers — meaning you can sell your templates elsewhere as well. 

Once you’ve successfully created your first template, it’s time to list it for sale. It’s easy to upload your listing to the website and even easier for users to search for your unique template for their unique needs. You can sell Adobe Illustrator and InDesign templates on Coded Market, and you can also sell everything from admin templates to landing pages to Shopify templates to stock photos. If you want to sell vector artwork online or sell illustrations online, you can list your creations on Coded Market.

This is a great way to earn a passive income because you’ve essentially already done the work, and now you can just sit and wait for users to download and purchase your graphic templates. It may be beneficial to do a little bit of marketing and advertising to pull in possible buyers, but you’ve more or less done all of the work at one time and now get to enjoy passive deposits from your work.

How was our guide to earning passive income by selling graphic templates online? Tell us your favorite way to earn passive income as a designer in the comments section below.

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