5 Ways to Boost Your Website this Tax Season

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It’s that time again, folks. Having made your annual return, you may be looking forward to a tax refund and wondering how best to invest it, and so are your website visitors. Perhaps your business’ website isn’t quite working as well as it could, and visitors aren’t converting to sales in sufficient quantities.

Astonishingly, 90% of visitors will leave your site if it takes more than two seconds to load. Perhaps there’s an assumption that a slow loading site is somehow less safe or less professional. The trust relationship that should exist between customer and vendor is severed.

Given this, you should push resources towards improving that vital interface between your customers and you.

Fortunately, most websites can be improved with a few simple procedures and/or low-cost plug-ins. Let’s have a look at five simple ways you can improve your site.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the art of making your pages and images more easily found by search engines. Your URLs, page descriptions and the “alt text” of your images should be clear, concise, accurate and informative. Don’t leave photos wrongly labelled (or unlabeled) and do dig into the SEO sections for each page to ensure anyone looking for what you provide will find your site.
  2. Speed-Up your site through preloading. Speed is one of the first things visitors notice about your site. Popular sites are image-heavy, but you don’t want this vital content to slow things down. Padeo is a simple plugin that you can install in a couple of clicks on any site, which uses intelligent preloading to identify which parts of your site are most popular and will likely be needed next. Then Padeo quietly preloads those images, fonts, CSS style sheets, scripts, and other elements in the background, delivering an instant load to visitors when they click to the next web page. Use Padeo for free.
  3. Get Better Design. If you have a text-heavy site with old tech (Flash, anyone?) it may be time for an overhaul. Concentrate on clarity and navigability. Use beta testers to get feedback on which pages are confusing and how difficult it was for visitors to find what they wanted. There are more web designers and accessible design platforms than ever before, so there’s no longer any reason not to deliver a stylish, informative site.
  4. Concentrate on the Conversation. When a customer wants to get in touch, how easy do you make it for them? Are your FAQs hidden away or incomplete? Perhaps you could use a better designed contact form or even a digital assistant or bot to answer regular questions. If you have a helpline, is the number prominently displayed? Finally, is your route to a sale clear and streamlined?
  5. Go Fully Mobile. In 2018, over 52% of web pages worldwide were accessed from a mobile device¹, increasing from 35% in 2015. Your website must be optimized for mobile use in 2021. Speed increases via preloading, such as those provided by including Padeo on your site, will significantly help here too. Substantial portions of the world don’t have high speed broadband, so anything you can do to make things quicker and easier, will significantly improve the user experience.

Work on these five aspects of your site and you should see improved traffic, happier customers, and improved conversions.

Make more sales and capture more conversions with a faster website. Padeo has a free plan where you can try the software for your first 500 website visits. There’s absolutely no charge unless you decide to upgrade yourself. It’s easy and free.

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