10 Best Marketplaces for WordPress Themes for Nonprofits

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Are you a marketing director for a nonprofit organization? Are you searching for the perfect WordPress theme for your organization’s website?

Finding excellent WordPress themes can be a difficult task, especially if you’re looking for  WordPress themes for nonprofits that can really pull in readers. Just as well, it’s also very important for WordPress themes for charities to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, and designed with nonprofits in mind.

Luckily, there are quite a few best marketplaces for WordPress themes out there that nonprofit organizations can take advantage of. Check out our list of the ten best marketplaces for WordPress themes for NGOs!

These marketplaces have some seriously good WordPress themes, and they’re also pretty easy to navigate.

1. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is a very popular platform for finding WordPress themes, and for good reason. There is a ton of content available, though some of the themes can get expensive. This platform is also user-friendly and boasts a pretty robust search feature, so you can find exactly what you need quickly.

One great nonprofit theme from Theme Forest is Charity. With bold, urgent colors and easy-to-read headlines, this theme is great for nonprofits who want to solicit donations. 

2. WP Look Themes

WP Look Themes is another tried and true favorite for website builders. The platform is ridiculously simple and incredibly easy to navigate, so finding a great website theme is very efficient. The platform also offers WordPress service, web hosting, cloud hosting, and membership access.

One of our favorite themes for nonprofits from WP Look Themes has to be Benevolence. This theme is visually stunning, easy to install, and compatible with PHP 7.3.

3. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is an open-source platform that makes it easy to build websites, blogs, and apps. But you probably know that– after all, you’re looking for WordPress themes for your nonprofit! Surprisingly, the actual WordPress website has quite a few excellent starter themes that are easy to set up. Benevolent is probably one of the more popular WordPress themes, and it’s completely free. This theme features crystal clear navigation, huge image headers, and interactive elements. Another great theme from WordPress.org is Giving Press Lite.

4. Organic Themes

Organic Themes is a somewhat underrated resource for great charity themes for WordPress. One excellent theme from this platform is simply titled “NonProfit Theme.” If you want lots of bells and whistles for your nonprofit’s website, this theme is the way to go. Not only is it clean and easy to navigate, NonProfit theme also features donation plugins and WooCommerce compatibility.

5. Anariel Design

Anariel Design boasts a ton of themes that are fairly affordable and designed specifically for charities and nonprofits. The platform also creates WordPress themes for bloggers and restaurants as well. Elephant is one great little theme that would suit nonprofits from Anariel Design. Another beautiful WordPress theme from Anariel Design is Zeko, a charity-specific theme.

6. Template Monster

This platform is rich with WordPress themes for virtually all niches, industries, and use cases. Divided up into specific sections, the Charity Templates section of Template Monster has a ton of beautiful and user-friendly WordPress themes that are specifically designed for nonprofits. Callista is a popular nonprofit theme from the site, and you can choose a variety of services with it, such as installation and setup, extra plugins, etc. Another beautiful theme from Template Monster for nonprofits is World of Charity

7. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a hotspot for newbie developers and website owners that want to learn more about setting up WordPress websites and blogs. The site also has a ton of resources available for free, including WordPress themes. One of our favorite themes from this platform is Outreach Pro, which is designed specifically for religious or church nonprofit organizations.

8. Organized Themes

Organized Themes is a unique marketplace for WordPress themes in that it also offers design and development packages for the themes they offer. This can be really beneficial for website owners who simply do not know how to set up WordPress, which can have a bit of a learning curve. Grassroots is one gorgeous WordPress theme designed for nonprofits that features large hero sections, fundraising plugins, and is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Forward is another lovely theme for charities from Organized Themes. 

9. Church Themes

Church Themes offers WordPress themes, websites, plugins, and more with church nonprofits in mind. The choices on this platform are limited, but what themes are available are beautiful and work wonderfully for nonprofit websites. Maranatha is one of the best nonprofit themes on the site, complete with a free demo, an extra-long homepage, video backgrounds, sticky menus, and real-time customization. This theme is preferable for those who want their website to be an all-in-one location for blog posts, church information, events, fundraising, and everything in-between.

10. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a handy little WordPress theme and visual page builder platform that offers WordPress themes for online stores, nonprofits, educators, restaurants, and service providers. Their themes are not only easy to install, but they’re very easy to customize and work with even if you are not very development-savvy. Divi is probably the platform’s most popular theme, and for good reason. Divi is a lot more than just a simple WordPress theme– it’s also a webpage builder and visual editor that comes complete with bulk editing, effects, layouts, different shape dividers, and hover states. We recommend using Divi if you want a theme that is dynamic and easy to change, even if you are not very good at coding or don’t want to invest in a website development or graphic designer.

How was our guide to the best marketplaces for WordPress themes for nonprofit organizations? Tell us which platform on our list has been fruitful for your business.

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